Galaxy Z Fold 6 & Z Flip 6 Dummy Photos Leaked

Galaxy Z Fold 6 & Z Flip 6 Dummy Photos Leaked

Thanks to a collaboration between 9to5Google and Sonny Dickson, we now have additional images of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6. The foldable devices are set to be officially presented in Paris on July 10. A few weeks ahead of the launch, prototype and dummy photos of the devices have leaked, providing crucial insights.

The devices in the images are either prototypes or “dummy” models, indicating that significant redesigns might occur. These pictures might be displaying a screen with a more noticeable seam than what the final product will feature, or they might use an older screen to emphasize the phones’ shape and design. However, users are optimistic about a less visible crease when the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip are completely opened to 180 degrees.

Design Features

The photos also reveal a black prototype version with “Samsung” roughly stamped on the hinges. This suggests that Samsung might replace the etched logo, seen on previous Fold and Flip models, with a stamped one. The etched logo is typically favored for adding a touch of sophistication to these $2,000 devices.

Hinge and Bezel Adjustments

Additionally, a minor detail to notice is the possible flare in the hinge protection plate at the top and bottom of the Galaxy Z Fold 6. While this is somewhat hard to confirm and could be an optical illusion due to the lighting, it appears that the hinge extends a few millimeters more from the main phone panels at the ends compared to the middle, where the Samsung logo is located. The Flip 6 does not show any such visible details.

Despite these minor observations, the design enhancements Samsung has made are apparent in these prototype units. Both phones seem to have a smaller bezel around the internal display, and their overall footprint appears slightly more refined compared to last year’s models.

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