Exclusive: Realme Developing Four New Smartphones

Exclusive: Realme Developing Four New Smartphones

Realme has been spotted developing four new smartphones, and the team at Gizmochina has uncovered interesting details about these devices. While there is no available information on the technical specifications, the model numbers provide clues about Realme’s upcoming releases.

Realme is working on four smartphones with the following model numbers: “RMX5000”, “RMX5002”, “RMX5010”, and “RMX5011”. These numbers suggest the next generation of Realme devices. Notably, Realme has jumped from the RMX3000 series directly to the RMX5000 series, skipping the RMX4000 series altogether.

Model Numbers and Cultural Influences

The decision to skip the RMX4000 series is likely influenced by Chinese superstitions. In Chinese culture, the number 4 is considered unlucky because it sounds similar to the word for "death." This cultural belief, known as “Tetraphobia,” has led many Chinese companies to avoid using the number 4 in their product numbering. For example, Realme’s parent company Oppo skipped the Find X4 and moved directly to the Find X5. Realme appears to be following suit by skipping the RMX4000 series.

Realme’s Growing Portfolio

Realme is renowned for its innovative technologies and cost-effective products. These four upcoming devices are expected to draw significant attention from consumers. The brand’s decision to adopt new model numbers influenced by cultural superstitions highlights its consideration of market sensibilities. As a sub-brand of Oppo and part of BBK Electronics, Realme benefits from substantial support and a robust technological foundation. These new models are anticipated to be introduced soon, capturing the interest of technology enthusiasts.

Realme’s Future

Realme is projected to launch these devices in the near future, adding to its lineup of affordable, high-tech products. The leap in model numbers not only reflects cultural considerations but also hints at the brand’s strategic planning for future releases. Technology lovers can look forward to seeing what Realme has in store with these new smartphones.

Source: Gizmochina

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