Discover the Unique Features of This Revolutionary Gaming Mouse

Discover the Unique Features of This Revolutionary Gaming Mouse

Ajazz has introduced a distinctive gaming mouse in the Chinese market named the M259, which features a unique design reminiscent of a classic car and boasts impressive specifications for competitive gamers. Here are its key features:

Ajazz M259 Mouse Specifications:

The M259 stands out from standard gaming mice with a design influenced by the iconic grille of the Ferrari Testarossa. This innovative design is not just for looks; according to Ajazz, the combination of a magnesium-aluminum alloy shell and a sealed ABS top cover helps reduce the sensation of coldness during prolonged use and prevents food particles and liquids from entering the mouse.

Despite its striking appearance, the M259 focuses on performance. Weighing only 64 grams, similar to the weight of an egg, this mouse allows for rapid movements and reduces fatigue during extended gaming sessions.

Performance and Connectivity

Equipped with the PixArt PAW3395 sensor, a favorite among competitive gamers due to its accurate tracking and responsiveness, the M259 offers a maximum DPI of 26,000. It also features a 1KHz polling rate, ensuring minimal delay between your actions and in-game responses.

The M259 supports various user preferences with its tri-mode connectivity. You can opt for a wired connection for the lowest latency, a 2.4G wireless connection for a tidy desktop setup, or Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with laptops or other devices.

Battery Life and Durability

The M259 includes a built-in 350mAh battery, providing impressive battery life. Ajazz claims that you can expect approximately 54 hours of use in 2.4G mode and 55 hours in Bluetooth mode on a single charge. Additionally, the mouse uses Huano Blue Translucent Dot microswitches with an 80 million click lifespan, ensuring durability for intense gaming sessions.

Pricing and Availability

The mouse is available in matte black, white, and red colors. It is now available on for 269 Yuan (around $37).

Discover the Unique Features of This Revolutionary Gaming Mouse
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