Corning Unveils Gorilla Glass 7i for Mid-Range Smartphones

Corning Unveils Gorilla Glass 7i for Mid-Range Smartphones

Corning Incorporated has introduced Gorilla Glass 7i, tailored for mid-range and budget-friendly smartphones. This latest iteration aims to offer superior protection against drops and scratches, surpassing older Gorilla Glass versions found in many current mid-range phones.

Enhanced Durability

Gorilla Glass 7i is designed to endure drops of up to 1 meter onto rough surfaces. Corning highlights the widespread use of older Gorilla Glass types, like the 2016-released Gorilla Glass 5, in mid-range smartphones as a key motivation for this new product. They recognize the demand for an updated, cost-effective solution that aligns with the trend of high-quality displays in affordable devices.

Improved Protection

Per Corning’s press release, the new glass shows notable advancements in durability. Lab tests reveal that Gorilla Glass 7i can withstand drops up to 1 meter onto rough terrains such as asphalt, while competing aluminosilicate glasses typically fail at lower heights of around 0.5 meters or less.

In addition to drop protection, Gorilla Glass 7i offers twice the scratch resistance of some other lithium aluminosilicate cover glasses available. This development presents a promising option for mid-range smartphone manufacturers, delivering enhanced protection without significant cost increases.

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