Complex Design and Challenging Repair Discovered in Apple Vision Pro Teardown

Complex Design and Challenging Repair Discovered in Apple Vision Pro Teardown

Mere two days after Apple‘s mixed-reality headset, the Vision Pro, hit the market, repair experts iFixit has already performed a teardown, offering a glimpse into its intricate workings.

Apple Vision Pro teardown shows its intricate details

The Vision Pro is unsurprisingly Apple’s most complex piece of hardware yet. iFixit says the device is so complicated that it requires more than one video to tackle it. So we can expect more teardown content for the Vision Pro in the coming days. 

Disassembly of the headset

The first part of the video focused primarily on the disassembly of the headset. The most challenging part of the teardown was removing the front curved sheet of glass. It was, however, carefully removed using heat and without damaging the display.

Layers beneath the glass

Beneath the glass, there were two more layers – a black layer and an unlaminated layer over the top of the exterior screen. The black layer was likely a spacer, and the unlaminated layer was a lenticular lens array. This lens array is said to create a 3D effect when you watch content in the Vision Pro.

Removal of the display and lens assembly

In the next step, we saw the removal of the display and lens assembly. This involved removing torque screws, as well as several layers of tape, screws, brackets, and cables.

Internal mechanisms revealed

Once the display and lens assembly were removed, the iFixit team was able to see the cameras and the stepper motor that parks the lenses.

Challenging repairs, user-friendly connections

Taking apart the Apple Vision Pro certainly seems like a challenging task that demands a considerable amount of patience. Nevertheless, the iFixit team managed to successfully dismantle the Vision Pro, unveiling its internal mechanisms. Although they refrained from giving a formal “repairability” score, the team did recognize that while repairs might pose a challenge, certain connections turned out to be surprisingly user-friendly.


  • Cameras: Multiple cameras
  • Sensors: Included
  • Cooling fans: Yes
  • Lens motors: Included
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