Baidu AI Cloud Unveils 5 New ERNIE Models for Businesses

Baidu AI Cloud Unveils 5 New ERNIE Models for Businesses

Baidu AI Cloud is making strides in the AI industry through a significant upgrade to its Qianfan platform, aimed at enabling businesses of all sizes to harness advanced AI technology more easily and affordably than ever before.

Enhanced ERNIE Models Offer Cost-Effective Solutions

The focal point of the update is the introduction of five new ERNIE models, which stand out for their smaller footprints compared to traditional large language models (LLMs). These innovative models provide businesses with a cost advantage, eliminating the need for substantial computing power investments. The versatility of the new ERNIE models ensures they excel across various applications, catering to the specific needs of different businesses.

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Diverse Lineup of ERNIE Models on Qianfan ModelBuilder Platform

The Qianfan ModelBuilder platform now features a diverse range of ERNIE models tailored to different requirements:

  • ERNIE Speed: Known for its context comprehension capabilities, ERNIE Speed delivers highly accurate and coherent content, handling complex scenarios effortlessly. It can analyze context windows of up to 128,000 tokens and competes favorably with top-tier ERNIE models in specific domains.
  • ERNIE Lite: An upgraded version of ERNIE Bot Turbo, ERNIE Lite enhances performance by 20% for tasks like sentiment analysis and natural reasoning. Notably, it also reduces inference costs by 53%, making it ideal for deployment on low-powered AI accelerator cards.
  • ERNIE Tiny: Despite its compact size, ERNIE Tiny excels in applications prioritizing low latency and cost-effectiveness, such as retrieval and recommendation tasks. In conversational recommendation tests, ERNIE Tiny outperformed ERNIE 3.5 by enhancing dialogue interactions by 3.5% and cutting costs by 32%.

Specialized ERNIE Models and Improved Qianfan AppBuilder Toolkit

In addition to general-purpose models, Baidu AI Cloud has introduced two specialty models:

  • ERNIE Character: Tailored for roleplaying scenarios, ERNIE Character breathes life into non-playable characters in video games and intelligent chatbots for customer service.
  • ERNIE Functions: Catering to businesses requiring seamless integration of external tools or internal functionalities, ERNIE Functions simplifies the process by providing pre-trained models for developing intelligent assistants.

The Qianfan AppBuilder toolkit has been enhanced with 55 new tools aimed at simplifying the development of AI-native applications. Offering a wide array of features, from core AI capabilities to advanced functionalities like Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and Generative Business Intelligence (GBI), the toolkit streamlines the application development process.

Qianfan has already empowered 80,000 businesses, witnessing a remarkable 97% surge in daily usage quarter-over-quarter since December 2023, solidifying its standing as a leading AI model development platform.

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