Apple's Vision Pro Utilized in Florida for Shoulder Replacement

Apple’s Vision Pro Utilized in Florida for Shoulder Replacement

The future operating room could see surgeons using Apple's Vision Pro headset, a mixed reality device that is increasingly being integrated into surgical procedures, suggesting its potential as a standard tool.

Surgeons Embrace Vision Pro Headset

eXeX, a software company, has developed an application tailored for surgeries utilizing the Vision Pro headset. Recent instances in London and Florida have showcased the headset's capabilities in enhancing surgical processes.

Benefits of Vision Pro in Surgery

During a shoulder replacement surgery in Florida, Vision Pro facilitated the procedure by providing doctors with essential information directly through the headset, reducing the need for physical contact with sterile surfaces. This streamlined access to information can lead to improved surgical efficiency and potentially faster procedures.

Advancements in Surgical Technology

Moreover, eXeX's myMako application, designed for Vision Pro, aims to assist surgeons in hip, knee, and partial knee replacements. By offering better preoperative planning and guidance, this technology promises enhanced patient outcomes, such as decreased pain levels and quicker recovery times.

Dr. G. Russell Huffman, utilizing the myMako app on a Vision Pro headset, conducted a groundbreaking surgery at AdventHealth Surgery Center in Orlando, Florida. The combined benefits of Vision Pro and myMako include improved access to essential surgical information, enhanced equipment usage accuracy, and potentially better patient results with reduced pain and faster recovery times.

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