Apple's foldable iPhone launch delayed to sync with Galaxy Fold 9

Apple’s foldable iPhone launch delayed to sync with Galaxy Fold 9

News has been circulating about the possibility of foldable iPhones, but detailed information on Apple's imminent launch has been scarce. A recent report suggests that those anticipating a foldable iPhone from Apple may need to adjust their expectations as Apple has postponed its entry into the foldable smartphone market significantly. According to a fresh report from DigiTimes, Apple has shifted the launch of its first foldable iPhone from the fourth quarter of 2026 to the first quarter of 2027.

Apple's Revised Timeline

This delay indicates that the earliest consumers might witness a foldable iPhone could align with the potential release of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 9. Samsung, a pioneer in foldable technology since 2019, has refined the concept to make foldables suitable for everyday use.

Apple's Caution and Strategy

Apple's continuous postponement of its launch plans is due to concerns regarding the technology's maturity level meeting its stringent standards. Consequently, this delay offers Samsung a greater opportunity to establish dominance in the foldable device arena. Despite the delay, Apple maintains its component supply plans, with display providers like Samsung Display and LG Display poised to furnish flexible displays for the foldable iPhone.

Design Considerations and Development

Apple is reportedly contemplating two potential designs for its foldable iPhone. One model mimics a book, akin to the Galaxy Z Fold, featuring a 6-inch external screen and an 8-inch internal display. The alternative design resembles a clamshell-style foldable, reminiscent of the Galaxy Z Flip series. Although the timing of Apple's foldable device release remains uncertain, the company's active engagement in technology development hints at a promising future launch.

Apple's foldable iPhone launch delayed to sync with Galaxy Fold 9
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