Apple Watch Series 10 Leak May Disappoint Users with Thin Wrists

Apple Watch Series 10 Leak May Disappoint Users with Thin Wrists

Apple’s annual Fall event is a few months away, and as expected, we anticipate the launch of the next-generation iPhones and Apple Watch. This year is particularly special as it marks the tenth anniversary of the Apple Watch, which is rumored to include a special edition called Watch X. Previous reports indicate that the Cupertino-based tech giant may introduce significant changes to the Watch Series 10, including a thinner design and larger display. Now, new CAD-based renders provide a first look at what this year’s Watch Series 10 might look like. It’s important to note that there’s still some ambiguity between Watch Series 10 and Watch X.

Apple Watch Series 10 Leaked CAD-based Renders

According to the leaked renders, the Apple Watch Series 10 will maintain a design similar to its predecessors. It will feature a square dial with a rotating crown on the top right side and a physical button located just below it.

Design and Display Changes

The Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to come with a larger display, reportedly featuring a 2-inch screen, which is a notable upgrade from the 1.7-inch display on the Watch Series 9. For comparison, the Watch Ultra 2 has a 1.93-inch screen. This means the upcoming model will boast the largest screen on an Apple Watch to date. The increased screen size will also result in larger overall dimensions. The smartwatch is expected to measure 46 x 39.7 x 11.6mm, making it bigger than the Watch Series 9 but smaller than the Watch Ultra, essentially placing it between the two models.

Clarifying the Confusion

Regarding the confusion between the Apple Watch Series 10 and Watch X, the CAD-based renders do not show any significant redesign for the former. Thus, it could be a minor update with the Watch X potentially emerging as the special anniversary model. Earlier reports suggested that the Watch X might feature a magnetic band attachment system, which is not evident in the newly leaked renders.

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