Apple Utilizes M2 Ultra Chips in Data Centers for Mobile Intelligence

Apple Utilizes M2 Ultra Chips in Data Centers for Mobile Intelligence

Apple is proceeding cautiously with generative AI by utilizing its current M2 Ultra chips in data centers before transitioning to the upcoming M4 chips. The company's decision stems from its confidence in the security features present in the existing M series chips.

Apple's Strategy with M2 Ultra Chips

Bloomberg reports that Apple intends to delegate intricate AI tasks to M2 Ultra processors operating in their data centers. Initially, Apple had a plan called Project ACDC (Apple Chips in Data Center) that involved designing custom chips expressly for data centers. However, Apple now believes that their current M series chips offer ample security capabilities for their AI requirements.

These M2 Ultra chips are set to be first integrated into Apple's data centers, with potential expansion to third-party servers in the future. Apple maintains a network of data centers across the United States, including a new facility being built in Waukee, Iowa.

Apple's Focus on Research and Development

While companies like Google, Meta, and Microsoft have been aggressively pursuing generative AI, Apple has concentrated on research and development efforts. In December, Apple's machine learning team introduced MLX, a framework tailored to optimize AI models for Apple silicon. Additionally, Apple has published studies delving into potential AI applications on devices and how they could enhance existing features such as Siri.

Emphasis on AI Performance with M4 Chip

The recent M4 chip unveiling highlighted its powerful neural engine, hinting at Apple's preparation for a more significant role in the generative AI domain. Apple seems poised to step up its presence in the evolving landscape of AI technology.

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