Apple Pride: Rainbow Watch Straps, Custom Faces, Wallpapers

Apple Pride: Rainbow Watch Straps, Custom Faces, Wallpapers

Apple has joined the global movement advocating for LGBTQ+ equality by introducing a vibrant range of new products and software updates. Among these offerings is a distinctive woven single-turn Apple Watch strap featuring rainbow colors, inspired by different pride flags. The strap's lively and fluorescent design symbolizes the strength and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community, with a commemorative "PRIDE 2024" inscription on the buckle.

Pride-Themed Visuals for Devices

In addition to the strap, Apple has unveiled matching Pride Radiance watch faces for the Apple Watch and wallpapers tailored for iPhone and iPad. These visuals, characterized by rays of light on a dark backdrop, convey messages of hope, resilience, and unity within the LGBTQ+ community. The layered light rays on these visuals signify the enduring influence of LGBTQ+ activism in shaping the future.

Customization Options for Users

For the first time, Apple offers customization options for these pride-themed faces and wallpapers. Users can personalize their appearance by selecting from a variety of colors. On the Apple Watch, the chosen colors dynamically shift with wrist movements, highlighting each number on the dial. iPhone and iPad users will witness the word "Pride" displayed in dynamic colors that change when unlocking their devices.

Software Updates and Commitment to LGBTQ+ Rights

The introduction of these new pride products coincides with the rollout of watchOS 10.5, iOS 17.5, and iPadOS 17.5. Apple reiterates its dedication to LGBTQ+ rights by supporting various advocacy organizations such as ILGA World, Human Rights Campaign, Encircle, Equality North Carolina, and others.

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