Apple Expected to Introduce OLED iPad Air in 2028 and Foldable iPhone in 2026 - Reports

Apple Expected to Introduce OLED iPad Air in 2028 and Foldable iPhone in 2026 – Reports

It appears that Apple is becoming increasingly comfortable with using OLED displays for its tablets, as market research suggests a significant rise in OLED iPad Pro shipments, surpassing 9 million units this year. Both Samsung and LG are preparing to manufacture these displays for the upcoming iPad Pro refresh, anticipated to launch between April and June, which is just a few months away. However, the most intriguing aspect of this report goes beyond these developments.

OLED Innovation for iPad Lineup

Apple's plans extend beyond the iPad Pro refresh. Speculations indicate the introduction of an OLED iPad Air in 2028, featuring a distinct technology from the Pro model. Analysts propose that the iPad Air will incorporate a single-layer OLED, while the Pro model will utilize a double-layer version to enhance its performance.

Rising Demand for OLED Laptops

While tablets are receiving a visual boost, the demand for OLED laptops is projected to skyrocket, given the superior quality and capabilities of OLED displays compared to LCD alternatives. Unlike the tablet market, which is largely dominated by Apple, the laptop sector is expected to witness broader adoption of OLED technology as various manufacturers strive to differentiate themselves in the market.

Foldable Future for Apple

Looking ahead to the future, Apple might also venture into the realm of foldable devices. Analysts predict the arrival of a 7-8-inch foldable iPhone by 2026, offering a larger canvas for users. By exploring foldable technology, Apple aims to refine a concept that has already been perfected by its key competitors, such as Samsung and Google. This development could lead to brighter, clearer visuals and potentially introduce a groundbreaking foldable iPhone, showcasing a promising future for tech enthusiasts.

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