Apple Addressing iPhone Alarm Issues - Update in Progress

Apple Addressing iPhone Alarm Issues – Update in Progress

According to recent reports, a new problem has been affecting certain iPhone users, where their phone alarms are failing to go off as expected. Apple has recognized the issue and is actively addressing it.

Users Report Alarms Not Working

Recent social media posts have brought attention to this problem, with some users suggesting a connection to the iPhone's "Gaze Awareness" feature. This feature aims to lower notification volume automatically when the user is looking at the phone. There is speculation that the Gaze Awareness feature might be inaccurately interpreting user attention, resulting in the alarm volume being reduced even when the user is asleep.

Potential Solution: Disable Gaze Awareness

Although Apple has not officially identified the root cause, users can attempt to resolve the issue by disabling Gaze Awareness. This can be accomplished through the Settings app by accessing Face ID & Passcode and deactivating Gaze Awareness. Given the importance of alarms in a smartphone user's daily routine, addressing this problem is a top priority for Apple, as such bugs can be frustrating for users who rely on alarms for their schedules. Stay tuned for updates on any fixes released by Apple.

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