Anker Recalls Power Bank Model Over Fire Risk Concerns

Anker Recalls Power Bank Model Over Fire Risk Concerns

Anker, a prominent brand in mobile accessories, has announced a recall of a particular model of its portable power bank due to a possible fire risk. The product in question is the Anker 321 Portable Power Bank (PowerCore 5K, Model A1112), with units manufactured after March 2023 being affected.

Anker Issues Urgent Recall for Portable Power Banks

Anker has identified a manufacturing flaw that may cause the lithium-ion battery in these power banks to overheat. This overheating can lead to the melting of the device’s plastic parts, release of smoke, or even a fire hazard.

While Anker emphasizes that only a small batch of power banks made after March are implicated, the company is proactively recalling all units of this model.

If you possess an Anker 321 Power Bank, it’s essential to check if it is part of the recall. Look for the white label on the bottom of the device, which should read “Anker 321 Power Bank (PowerCore 5K, Black), Model: A1112.” If your unit matches this description, Anker advises you to stop using the power bank immediately.

Recall Verification and Replacement Process

Anker has created a special webpage to manage the recall process. Consumers can visit the page to check their power bank’s serial number and confirm if it is included in the recall. If verified, Anker is offering a complimentary replacement with the Anker 533 Portable Power Bank. To speed up the replacement process, Anker suggests having proof of purchase ready when completing the online form.

Anker also highlights the importance of proper battery disposal. Discarding them in regular trash cans or recycling bins can be dangerous to the environment and pose fire risks. Anker’s website offers guidance on responsible battery disposal methods specific to various regions.

Consumer Safety Tips

This event underscores the importance of caution when using portable power banks. Always buy these devices from reputable brands and authorized sellers. Look for certifications from recognized organizations that ensure safety standards are upheld. Regularly check your power bank for any damage and avoid using any device that appears to be faulty.

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