Amidst export restrictions challenges, ASML delivers robust Q4 2023 performance

Amidst export restrictions challenges, ASML delivers robust Q4 2023 performance

ASML Holding NV, the world’s leading provider of lithography systems crucial for chip manufacturing, has reported robust financial performance in the fourth quarter of 2023, despite facing challenges from export restrictions impacting its sales to China.

Financial Performance

In the financial arena, ASML announced a 9% increase in net profit, totaling €2.0 billion ($2.2 billion), with sales surpassing analyst expectations at €7.2 billion. The company received record orders exceeding €9 billion, demonstrating a significant uptick from the previous quarter. Notably, orders for the cutting-edge “extreme ultraviolet” (EUV) machines amounted to €5.6 billion, reflecting the strong demand for advanced lithography systems.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, ASML maintains a cautious outlook despite the impressive quarterly performance, anticipating flat sales growth. CEO Peter Wennink highlighted uncertainties in the semiconductor market recovery but pointed out positive signs, such as improving chip demand and higher factory utilization rates.

ASML’s Dominance in the Market

ASML’s dominance in the global market for lithography systems, essential in chip manufacturing, is evident, with positive remarks dispelling bearish arguments regarding the technology progression outlook. Analysts anticipate a potential outlook revision later in the year as end markets continue to recover.

Impact of Export Restrictions

However, the impact of export restrictions on sales to China in 2024 is a notable concern. New U.S. and Dutch export restrictions, implemented in 2023, are expected to affect up to 15% of ASML’s sales to China, impacting its status as the third-largest market. China’s demand for lithography machines decreased from 46% in the previous quarter to 39% in Q4 2023, emphasizing the impact of these restrictions.

ASML’s Position in the Semiconductor Industry

Despite challenges, ASML’s unique position as the sole producer of equipment required for manufacturing the most advanced semiconductors positions the company as a bellwether for the overall health of the semiconductor industry. The recent surge in ASML shares to their highest level since November 2021, up 6.7% to €754.30, reflects the market’s positive response to the company’s performance.


ASML’s Q4 2023 results showcase resilience in the face of export restrictions, with analysts closely monitoring the potential for an outlook revision later in the year as industry recovery continues.

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