AMD Rebrands Upcoming Ryzen CPUs as "Ryzen AI 300" to Surpass Intel

AMD Rebrands Upcoming Ryzen CPUs as “Ryzen AI 300” to Surpass Intel

A recent leak suggests that AMD might be revamping its mobile processor branding strategy.

A well-known leaker, Golden Pig, on the Bilibili forums, reports that AMD is potentially abandoning its current Ryzen naming convention for its upcoming Zen 5 mobile processors. The new branding is rumored to be "Ryzen AI" accompanied by a 300-series number.

New Branding Strategy

This information follows an earlier Asus leak that hinted at a 100-series numbering scheme for the initial Ryzen AI processors. However, Golden Pig's report indicates that AMD has decided to jump to the 300-series to outdo Intel's rumored "inferior" 200-series numbering for their next-generation Lunar Lake/Arrow Lake processors.

Emphasizing Neural Processing

AMD might also be aiming to emphasize the inclusion of a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) in these chips, a crucial component for Microsoft's new Copilot+ AI PCs.

AMD’s history of adopting competitor branding strategies, especially in the motherboard market, supports this rumor. The company's alleged use of the B650 chipset name reportedly led Intel to adopt B660 for their competing chipset to avoid confusion.

If accurate, the "Ryzen AI" branding would likely encompass AMD’s entire mobile processor lineup featuring their XDNA NPU technology. This includes Strix Point, the codename for AMD’s next-generation mainstream Ryzen mobile processors that will succeed the Ryzen 8040 series.

Strix Point and Strix Halo

Strix Point is anticipated to boast Zen 5 CPU architecture, RDNA 3.5 graphics, and an XDNA2 NPU with approximately 30 TOPS of performance. Strix Halo, the codename for AMD’s high-performance mobile APU designed to compete with Apple’s M3/M4 processors, might also be included under the "Ryzen AI" branding.

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