Yeedi M12 Pro+ Robot Vacuum & Mop: Discounts & Freebies!

Yeedi M12 Pro+ Robot Vacuum & Mop: Discounts & Freebies!

Yeedi M12 Pro+ robotic vacuum and mop has transformed how you keep your living space spotless with precision and effectiveness, providing accurate cleaning in every tight corner and narrow crevice of the house with accurate suction capabilities and robust performance features. A game changer in home cleaning appliances, this device boasts innovative smart features for maximum effectiveness at cleaning all corners and tight spots in no time at all!

TruEdge Mopping Technology allows for adaptive edge mopping solutions

Say goodbye to overlooked areas and welcome perfectly clean floors with the Yeedi M12 Pro+'s TruEdge Adaptive Edge Mopping system, providing complete coverage by hugging furniture edges, eliminating blind spots and reaching an impressive cleaning coverage rate of up to 98.6% - an end to dusty corners and neglected edges!

ZeroTangle Technology

Say goodbye to untangling hair from roller brushes; with Yeedi M12 Pro+'s ZeroTangle Technology boasting an ultra-low tangling rate of zero percent and its ZeroTangle Roller Brush Technology you will no longer experience untangling hassle. Enjoy uninterrupted cleaning sessions without interruption from maintenance issues - perfect for pet owners.

Yeedi M12 Pro+'s 11000Pa Powerful Suction

Boasting an innovative high-speed motor and straight-through duct design, the Yeedi M12 Pro+ provides powerful 11000Pa suction. Use its advanced motor to effortlessly tackle large debris while improving carpet cleaning efficiency - leaving floors spotless and dirt free in no time at all!

The Yeedi M12 Pro+ not only cleans your surroundings, but it takes care in doing it itself! Equipped with an all-in-one station that autonomously disposes of trash and washes and dries the filter, as well as refills it as necessary, the M12 ensures hassle-free maintenance and peak performance for years.

Hot Water mop washing at 158degF can produce great results for cleaning

Dealing with stubborn dirt and stains has never been simpler with the Yeedi M12 Pro+'s innovative hot water mop washing feature! It quickly eliminates stubborn grime to leave floors looking spotlessly clean, fresh and healthy - the ideal combination of durability, effectiveness and hygiene!

Yeedi M12 Pro+ features an exceptional 3.4L dust bag capacity lasting up to 90 days, significantly decreasing maintenance tasks and increasing cleaning effectiveness.

Hot Air Drying The Yeedi M12 Pro+ provides both efficiency and cleanliness by offering hot air drying technology. Experience rapid drying time thanks to an all-around 2-hour drying cycle for your mop and station bottom plate, keeping them always ready to use when they arrive for action!

Intelligent Control Features Available

Yeedi M12 Pro+ gives you control, with features like foot touch control for easy commands, auto-lift mopping to prevent cross-contamination, targeted spot cleaning sessions and true mapping 2.0 for efficient global path planning. Plus with true detect 3D 3.0 this device navigates around obstacles with millimeter accuracy for smooth operations in any setting!

Compact Design

Although powerful in performance, the Yeedi M12 Pro+'s compact "hidden" design ensures efficient cleaning without taking up additional room in your home. It offers powerful cleaning abilities while taking up minimal floor space in your living area.

Discount and Availability

Now through Amazon's special sale starting April 25th you can acquire the Yeedi M12 Pro+ at an incredible discounted rate - down from $899 down to only $799! Sign up and save $100 while receiving an amazing 1L cleaning solution gift as part of this incredible offer - don't miss this incredible offer!

Yeedi M12 Pro+ brings innovative efficiency, convenience and design together in perfect harmony to redefine home cleaning. Packed with intelligent features, powerful performance capabilities and self-sufficient construction features, the M12 is designed as the go-to product to effortlessly maintain an immaculate living space.

Yeedi M12 Pro+ Robot Vacuum & Mop: Discounts & Freebies!
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