XNote a Pen that Converts Handwriting into Digital Notes with ChatGPT Access

XNote a Pen that Converts Handwriting into Digital Notes with ChatGPT Access

One of our childhood dreams, having a magic pen that can search, edit, and enhance writing, seems to be materializing with the recently announced XNote, a cutting-edge smart pen revolutionizing note-taking worldwide. Coupled with a special dotted notebook and iPhone app, the XNote brings a whole new sphere of features for editing and searching and even adds the ability to integrate reminders. Moreover, it can integrate with ChatGPT to answer your questions, summarize the keynotes, and solve puzzles.

XNote Pen: Digitise and Enhance Notes Using ChatGPT

The XNote pen uses dotted regular paper, and the dots help the pen track the paper’s position. It, in turn, enables easy digitization, helps you summarize key points, and answers the questions that you write on the paper. It even highlights past occurrences of the content you’re writing and even helps to extract action points like meetings and other significant information.

It is more of a convenience while enjoying pen writing and efficient digitization of the text. It keeps track of your old writings and ensures the user never misses anything important or overlooks unimportant details. Imagine being able to ask your notebook questions and receive answers instantly. With XNote’s AI-powered chat and search functionality, it’s now possible. Simply conversationally interact with your notes and let XNote fetch the information you need, right when you need it.

Pricing and Specifications

The XNote pen is currently on Indiegogo for the price of $199, which roughly translates to Rs 16,520. There’s an additional AI subscription that users could avail of to harness the full potential of the pen. It costs a one-time fee of $59 (~Rs 4898). It enables users to enjoy the traditional writing experience while making digital notes automatically using the XNote pen.

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