Xiaomi's New 25000mAh Power Bank: Fast Charging Up to 212W

Xiaomi’s New 25000mAh Power Bank: Fast Charging Up to 212W

Xiaomi is preparing to introduce a new power bank that boasts a striking design and enough capacity to keep your gadgets running for days. Recent images leaked by a Weibo tipster reveal the power bank's see-through front panel, showcasing its internal components.

Design and Specs

The aesthetic is reminiscent of the CUKTECH 20 power bank from Xiaomi’s subsidiary, CUKTECH. The leaked specifications of Xiaomi's new charger are also similar to those of the CUKTECH 20. Both feature a 25,000mAh battery, three ports (two USB-C and one USB-A), and a front color display.

However, Xiaomi’s model might offer a slight enhancement in power delivery, supporting up to 212W fast charging, compared to the 210W of the CUKTECH 20.

Power Delivery Breakdown

Details about the capabilities of each port have emerged. The first USB-C port can output up to 140W, the second USB-C port delivers 45W, and the USB-A port supports up to 120W fast charging. This level of power should be sufficient to charge even large devices like the MacBook Pro 16.

Additionally, one of the leaked images mentions a 90.08 Wh rating, ensuring the power bank adheres to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations, making it suitable for travel.

Pricing and Availability

While pricing and release details remain undisclosed, the CUKTECH 20, which is available for $129.99, might serve as a useful reference. Xiaomi's power bank is likely to be priced similarly when it becomes available globally.

This leak indicates that Xiaomi's upcoming power bank will be both powerful and uniquely designed, featuring a high capacity, multiple ports, and robust fast-charging capabilities.

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