Xiaomi's First Open-Back Earphones with Anti-Leakage System

Xiaomi’s First Open-Back Earphones with Anti-Leakage System

Xiaomi recently unveiled their inaugural open-back headphones, known as Xiaomi Open Earphones. This launch coincided with the Redmi Turbo 3 smartphone and Redmi Pad Pro tablet being unveiled during a product unveiling event, so let's examine more deeply the specifications for these newly available options.

Xiaomi Open Earphones Specifications and Details

Xiaomi Open Earphones feature an innovative open ear hook design, conforming to the contours of an individual ear for an ideal and secure fit. Their flexible nickel-titanium alloy wires enable flexible bending/adjusting while maintaining comfort during regular daily usage or physical activities.

Design And Comfort

These 9.6 grams earphones may not be the lightest available on the market, but their ergonomic design ensures a pleasant listening experience. Xiaomi used soft silicone tips that provide optimal comfort while using advanced Bluetooth audio streaming technologies for superior audio transmission.

Experience an Enhance Audio Experience

Xiaomi's open-back design of their headphones provides real-time awareness of ambient sounds, making them suitable for various settings ranging from daily commutes to office settings. Furthermore, each pair comes equipped with custom 17 x 12mm drivers and DLC diaphragms as well as a specially tailored linear sound unit in order to satisfy various musical preferences.

LHDC high-end codec ensures HD audio up to 96kHz for these headphones, making them Hi-Res Audio Wireless Gold Label certified with dual certification from QQ Music Zhenpin Mastering and Zhenpin Space Audio providing multiple high fidelity options.

Xiaomi has developed its own independent anti-leakage system to address potential sound leakage problems associated with open-back earphones, certified by China Institute of Metrology. This innovative solution combines an anti-leakage structure and Ph 10mm anti-leakage sound unit which emits reverse phase sound waves to drastically decrease sound leakage during calls while improving call privacy by 100%.

Earphones from LG boasting dual microphone array and beamforming algorithm technology provide enhanced voice capture while decreasing background noise, ultimately producing clearer call quality.

Connectivity And Battery Life Are Essential Components in any operation

Xiaomi Open Earphones pair easily and seamlessly with smartphones, tablets, and other devices running HyperOS platform. Offering up to 7.5 hours of playback per charge - providing up to 38.5 total listening hours when combined with their charging case!

Price and Availability

Xiaomi Open Earphones will retail for 699 Yuan (approximately $103 USD), with an introductory offer price of 649 yuan (about $96 USD). They go on sale starting April 10th at 8:30 PM CST through various authorized channels like Xiaomi Mall, Tmall, JD.com, Youpin and Home.

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