Xiaomi Updates HyperOS Strategy; Introduces New Beta Version

Xiaomi Updates HyperOS Strategy; Introduces New Beta Version

Xiaomi revealed a significant shift in its strategy for HyperOS today, announcing the replacement of the current "Development" version with a new program called the "Beta" version.

Improved User Experience with Beta Version

The existing "Development" version was tailored for early adopters willing to tackle potential bugs and glitches to access the latest features. While useful for gathering feedback, this approach had its drawbacks.

Seamless Upgrades and Enhanced Testing

The new Beta initiative aims to offer users a smoother experience. Beta testers will still preview upcoming features, but now with the added benefit of seamless transitions between the Beta and official versions.

Flexible Release Model for Features

One notable change is Xiaomi's new recruitment and release cycle strategy for the Beta version. Unlike the fixed schedule of the past, new features will be rolled out as needed. This adaptive approach allows for more targeted testing and potentially more polished updates.

Xiaomi is set to phase out the "Development version" by August 2024, ensuring existing users can transition to the official version seamlessly without data loss.

The recruitment drive for the Beta program is slated to kick off in Q4 2024. Detailed information on eligible devices and application procedures will be shared on the Xiaomi Community Internal Test Center application page.

The overhauled system development plan brings advantages for both Xiaomi and its users. Users can expect a more stable Beta experience with smooth upgrades, while Xiaomi gains focused testing and quicker feedback loops to enhance HyperOS.

Xiaomi Updates HyperOS Strategy; Introduces New Beta Version
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