Xiaomi Unveils C500 Security Camera with Dual-Camera and AI

Xiaomi Unveils C500 Security Camera with Dual-Camera and AI

Xiaomi has introduced a new security camera, the Xiaomi Smart Camera C500 Dual-Camera Edition. This device boasts a dual-lens setup, enhancing image quality for thorough home monitoring.

The C500 Dual-Camera Edition comes with two distinct lenses: a wide-angle 4MP fixed lens with a 110° field of view, and a 4MP PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) lens providing a 58° field of view.

Extensive Coverage

This configuration allows for wider coverage and the ability to zoom in for detailed inspection of specific areas. The PTZ lens offers 360° horizontal rotation and 93° vertical tilt, reducing blind spots.

Low-light performance is improved with a high-sensitivity image sensor and 16 integrated 940nm infrared illuminators.

Advanced AI Capabilities

Xiaomi highlights the C500’s AI functions, which support dual AI detection, enabling it to distinguish between humans, pets, and crying babies. It also features a “virtual fence” that triggers alerts when movement crosses a set virtual boundary.

The camera facilitates innovative dual-camera collaboration. By long-pressing a specified area on the fixed-lens feed, the PTZ lens will automatically rotate and zoom in for a closer inspection.

Users can utilize the Mijia App to view essential details in a linked manner. Additionally, the camera supports dual-screen playback, allowing simultaneous viewing from both lenses. Each lens can be independently put to sleep.

Enhanced Security and Connectivity

For security, the C500 includes a built-in Mijia security chip to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. It also features a built-in independent sound cavity and a large speaker for clear two-way voice communication.

Moreover, the camera has a built-in Wi-Fi 6 chip for better signal strength and range. It supports Xiaomi’s Pengpai Zhilian smart home platform, enabling integration with other Xiaomi devices for automated scenarios.

The Xiaomi Smart Camera C500 Dual-Camera Edition will be available for crowdfunding on Xiaomi Mall and Youpin starting June 10th at a price of 319 yuan (around $47 USD). The official retail price will be 349 yuan (about $52 USD).

Xiaomi Unveils C500 Security Camera with Dual-Camera and AI
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