Xiaomi Unveils 436L Mijia Refrigerator: Ultra-Thin Design, HypeOS

Xiaomi Unveils 436L Mijia Refrigerator: Ultra-Thin Design, HypeOS

Xiaomi has introduced its latest refrigerator, the Mijia Refrigerator Fresh Storage Cross 436L. This new model features a modern, ultra-thin design with a depth of just 60cm, making it ideal for contemporary kitchens with space constraints.

Mijia Refrigerator Fresh Storage Cross 436L Specifications

Despite its slim dimensions, the refrigerator provides a spacious 436L capacity. This is divided into a 257L refrigeration area, a 154L freezing section, and a specialized 25L compartment, perfect for baby food and other sensitive items.

Achieving its sleek profile, the refrigerator incorporates advanced technologies, including a bottom heat dissipation system, which removes the need for side or rear vents, allowing it to fit seamlessly into cabinetry.

Innovative Design and Functionality

Moreover, the unique hinge design permits the door to open a full 90 degrees even when placed near a wall, optimizing space usage without compromising on functionality.

Xiaomi has focused on food preservation in the Fresh Storage Cross 436L. The refrigerator uses a 360-degree air cooling circulation system to maintain consistent cooling throughout, preventing frost formation and eliminating the need for manual defrosting.

Additionally, it features a quick freezing function that can reach low temperatures swiftly, helping to lock in the freshness and nutritional value of food items.

Smart Integration and Hygiene Features

This smart refrigerator integrates effortlessly with Xiaomi’s smart home ecosystem. Users can connect it to the Mi Home App to control temperature settings and modes remotely. It is also compatible with HyperOS Connect and the Xiao Ai voice assistant.

To ensure a hygienic environment, the Fresh Storage Cross 436L is equipped with an Ag+ ion antibacterial deodorization module, which boasts a 99.99% antibacterial rate, effectively removing odors. The refrigerator also includes a detachable door seal for easy cleaning, preventing mold growth and maintaining optimal hygiene.

Energy efficiency is a priority for this model, which boasts a first-level energy efficiency rating. It consumes approximately 0.84 kWh per day, making it both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The refrigerator operates quietly at 35dB, ensuring it won’t disturb your sleep.

Availability and Pricing

The Mijia Refrigerator Fresh Storage Cross 436L is available for pre-order in China starting July 10th, with a starting price of 2499 yuan (around $343).

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