Xiaomi to Launch Stylish 508L Cross-door Refrigerator

Xiaomi to Launch Stylish 508L Cross-door Refrigerator

Xiaomi will unveil their Mijia 508L cross-door refrigerator tomorrow, featuring an innovative Ice Feather White Natural Texture Panel finish at 3,999 Yuan (about $562 USD).

Innovative Design and Features

With 299 litres of refrigeration space and 180 litres of freezer capacity, this refrigerator embodies both functionality and aesthetics. Measuring just 60 cm deep and covering minimal space (0.516m2) with its 85.2cm front width and 90-degree right-angle door opening and bottom front heat dissipation design features, it easily integrates into cabinets for a seamless appearance while optimizing performance as a bonus feature.

Efficient Storage and Antibacterial Features

Xiaomi's refrigerator compartment offers 299L for refrigeration and 180L for freezing storage needs, meeting various storage demands. Furthermore, Xiaomi offers a moisturizing drawer as well as mother and baby areas dedicated to food storage needs. In addition, this fridge includes an antibacterial and odor-free module to maintain food freshness without unwanted smells forming in its interior compartments.

Advanced Cooling Technology and Intelligent Capabilities

Xiaomi's 360deg air-cooling cycle ensures swift and uniform cooling across their refrigerator, helping prevent frost build-up. A variable frequency compressor and five temperature-sensing probes work in conjunction to deliver consistently accurate temperatures while energy consumption of less than one kilowatt hour daily makes this refrigerator energy efficient.

The Mijia 508L refrigerator provides more than advanced cooling; it also comes equipped with smart features. Utilizing Mijia App and Xiaomi HyperOS Connect, users can remotely manage modes and temperature settings using voice command through Xiaoai classmates - plus this refrigerator supports online upgrades so it stays current with its capabilities!

Xiaomi to Launch Stylish 508L Cross-door Refrigerator
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