Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro in White: Sleek, Smart, Budget-Friendly

Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro in White: Sleek, Smart, Budget-Friendly

Xiaomi has recently introduced a fresh color variant for its Smart Switch Pro, unveiling a stylish White version. Originally launched in China back in October last year, this new addition complements the existing Deep Space Grey option.

Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro Pricing and Features:

The Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro comes with a price tag of 129 yuan ($18), making it an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals looking to incorporate smart lighting control in their homes.

Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro Specifications:

In terms of specifications, this smart switch features a design that is compatible with a single live and neutral wire, making it hassle-free to install without concerns about existing wiring setups. This design is particularly convenient for replacing traditional switches, especially in older homes where neutral wires may be lacking.

The Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro is crafted with a premium AG glass panel and an external AF coating, providing durability against scratches, fingerprints, and oil stains. This design ensures a clean and reliable user experience, unlike traditional plastic switches that tend to accumulate grime and lose responsiveness over time.

Moreover, the Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro incorporates AI self-checking and adaptive mode, along with V-0 flame retardant material for high fire resistance. The switch also features brass-plated gold terminals for enhanced circuit connection stability and reduced power consumption. It includes an automatic power cut-off mechanism when the rated power limit (2200W) is exceeded or temperature thresholds are reached, offering an added safety layer.

Integration and Connectivity Features:

The Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro seamlessly integrates with the Mi Home app using Xiaomi’s HyperOS Connect, granting users access to various smart functionalities. Through the app, users can set up automation scenes, remotely control lights, and monitor real-time power usage. This level of control empowers users to customize their lighting experience and potentially optimize energy consumption.

Additionally, the smart switch is compatible with the Xiao Ai smart speaker, allowing users to activate lights through simple voice commands, eliminating the need to physically interact with the switch.

One intriguing aspect is the option to convert the Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro into a wireless switch. This software feature, managed via the Mi Home app, enables users to control other smart devices in the household, such as vacuum cleaners or air purifiers, without the need for extra wiring.

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