Xiaomi Smart Band 9 Global Launch Nears, Passes Certifications

Xiaomi Smart Band 9 Global Launch Nears, Passes Certifications

Xiaomi is preparing to introduce a new addition to its Xiaomi Smart Band lineup known as the Xiaomi Smart Band 9. The previous model, Smart Band 8, was initially launched in China in April 2023 before later reaching the global market in September of the same year.

Certification Updates

The upcoming Smart Band 9 has recently obtained certifications from the United Arab Emirates TDRA and Indonesia Telecom, indicating an imminent global release. These certifications have disclosed that the Smart Band 9 will bear the model number M2345B1.

Variants and Features

Reports suggest that there will be two versions of the Smart Band 9, with the primary distinction likely being the inclusion of NFC support. While specific details regarding the Smart Band 9's specifications remain limited, insights from its predecessor, the Smart Band 8, offer some expectations.

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Features

The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 boasts a sophisticated design featuring a 1.6-inch AMOLED screen, including features such as an Always-On Display. It is designed to withstand water up to 50 meters, enhancing its longevity. Xiaomi has provided a range of strap options with various materials and styles to cater to individual preferences.

Details on the Smart Band 8's functionality include comprehensive health monitoring capabilities, tracking metrics like heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep patterns, and stress levels, with a particular emphasis on female health. Additionally, it offers numerous sports modes and built-in games for entertainment purposes. Notably, the Smart Band 8 offers an impressive battery life that can last up to 16 days on a single charge, excluding the Always-On Display feature.

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