Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Curtain 2 Launched with Multiple Control Options

Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Curtain 2 Launched with Multiple Control Options

Xiaomi, the renowned Chinese tech company, has introduced the MIJIA Smart Curtain 2 in China. This latest version boasts several enhancements over its predecessor and is now available for pre-order. It offers multiple ways to control the device for both opening and closing.


The smart curtain can be operated via XiaoAI, the MIJIA app, a timer switch, and a wireless remote control, eliminating the need for manual adjustment. In situations where there is no power supply, the Smart Curtain 2 can still be manually opened or closed.

The MIJIA Smart Curtain 2 is built for superior noise reduction and shock absorption. Its motor is capable of handling curtains weighing up to 60kg while maintaining a low noise level of under 26 decibels. This smart curtain allows for custom opening and closing ratios, stepless speed regulation, and adaptive speed regulation when pulled manually. It supports various installation configurations including one-way and two-way opening and closing, single-track and double-track installation, as well as top and side installation. However, it is not suitable for L-shaped or U-shaped tracks.

Modes and Installation

The Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Curtain 2 offers different modes such as wake-up mode, sleep mode, movie-viewing mode, and home mode. Its design ensures easy installation without the need for on-site measurements, avoiding any installation delays.

This smart curtain is currently available for presale on platforms like Xiaomi Youpin, Xiaomi Mall, and other retail outlets. It is priced at 849 yuan ($117).

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