Xiaomi MIJIA Night Light 3: Long-lasting Lithium Battery

Xiaomi MIJIA Night Light 3: Long-lasting Lithium Battery

Xiaomi has introduced the MIJIA Night Light 3 in China, boasting an extended battery life feature. This latest version of the MIJIA Night Light comes equipped with a built-in Lithium battery capable of lasting up to 8 months, as claimed by Xiaomi.

Enhanced Features

The Xiaomi MIJIA Night Light 3 showcases a circular design, a departure from its predecessor that emitted direct light. It employs a back-illumination system with adjustable angles, utilizing the diffusion reflection principle to evenly disperse natural light, creating a soft and comfortable illumination effect in the room. Users can choose between two light intensity levels - high and low - to match their preferences.

Advanced Technology

Featuring a photosensitive and human body dual sensor with a wide sensing angle of 120 degrees, the Night Light 3 can detect movement up to 5 meters in front and 3 meters from the sides. Equipped with a 600mAh battery, it supports USB-C charging, requiring 3 hours for a full charge. Notably, the light can operate for up to 8 months on low brightness settings. The device includes a brightness adjustment button and discreet hidden buttons that offer options to turn off, keep them always on, or activate sensor mode.

Convenient Installation

Built-in magnets facilitate easy installation on metal surfaces, while a 3M adhesive base ensures secure placement on various surfaces.

Pricing & Availability

The Xiaomi MIJIA Night Light 3 is currently available on Xiaomi Mall at a retail price of 59 yuan ($8). It is anticipated that the product will soon be accessible in numerous other markets beyond China.

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