Xiaomi Mijia DC Inverter Floor Fan Pro: Ultra-thin Design

Xiaomi Mijia DC Inverter Floor Fan Pro: Ultra-thin Design

Xiaomi recently introduced the Mijia DC Inverter Floor Fan Pro in China, a versatile fan that can be placed on both tables and floors to accommodate different room setups. This fan comes with a range of features that cater to various needs and preferences.

Key Specifications of Xiaomi Mijia DC Inverter Floor Fan Pro

The Mijia DC Inverter Floor Fan Pro stands out with its sleek and minimalistic design, measuring just 8.7cm thick, making it slimmer than most traditional fans. This slim profile enhances storage convenience, particularly during periods when the fan is not in use. Xiaomi provides a durable EPP storage box for safe and space-efficient storage.

Control Options and Features

This fan offers users multiple control methods, including a Bluetooth remote control that operates from a distance of up to 30 meters. The remote control can be conveniently attached to the fan using magnetic absorption. Moreover, the fan incorporates touch buttons on its body for easy access to controls without relying on the remote. Additionally, users can leverage Xiaomi's HyperOS Connect and Xiao AI voice assistant to manage the fan through voice commands.

Fan Functionality and Modes

Featuring 7 wing-shaped fan blades, the Mijia Floor Fan Pro delivers stable airflow of up to 25m3/min. It can be paired with an air conditioner to enhance air circulation and ensure uniform cooling across a room. An intriguing aspect of this fan is its natural wind simulation feature, offering eight different natural wind modes inspired by real-world settings like lakesides and terraces. Users can select their preferred wind mode via the Mi Home app. Alongside natural wind modes, the fan also provides a direct wind mode with 100 levels of wind speed adjustment for precise airflow control.

Power Options and Efficiency

The Mijia Floor Fan Pro is adaptable and can be powered through a standard wall outlet or a power bank using a Type-C port for power delivery. Xiaomi claims that a 10000mAh power bank can sustain the fan for up to 22 hours on the lowest setting. Equipped with a DC inverter motor, the fan ensures smooth operation and low power consumption, boasting an energy efficiency rating of level 1. With noise levels as low as 26.8dB(A) in the first gear without swing mode, the fan operates quietly, suitable for bedroom use at night. It comes with a detachable mesh cover for easy cleaning, a child lock function for safety, and is constructed with durable ABS material for longevity and corrosion resistance.

Pricing and Availability

Currently available for pre-sale in China at 399 yuan (approximately $55), the Mijia DC Inverter Floor Fan Pro will be on sale from May 15th. Xiaomi has also previously launched a Mijia fan with an adjustable stand.

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