Xiaomi Mijia Adjustable Fan on Sale in China for 329 Yuan

Xiaomi Mijia Adjustable Fan on Sale in China for 329 Yuan

Xiaomi's Mijia Air Circulation Fan recently made its debut in China after a successful crowdfunding campaign on the Youpin platform. Priced at 329 yuan (approximately $46), this fan is now accessible on prominent Chinese e-commerce platforms like JD.com.

Xiaomi Mijia Air Circulation Fan Overview

The Mijia fan showcases a compact design that serves a dual purpose, functioning both as a desktop and floor fan. Equipped with a potent DC frequency conversion motor, it can generate a wind volume of 1500 cubic meters per hour, facilitating air circulation up to 13 meters. Xiaomi claims that the fan can achieve whole-house circulation in just 2 minutes, effectively addressing stagnant air for a more pleasant living environment.

Advanced Features and Customization

This fan offers a plethora of customization options to cater to individual preferences. It features automatic horizontal oscillation spanning 120 degrees for wider coverage and manual vertical adjustment up to 105 degrees to ensure optimal cooling across the room. Users can personalize their experience with 100 adjustable wind speeds via the DC frequency conversion motor.

Enhanced Efficiency and Smart Integration

Utilizing step-less frequency conversion technology, the Mijia Air Circulation Fan maintains a noise level as low as 27.2 decibels in direct blowing mode at the lowest speed, creating a peaceful environment for sleep or relaxation. Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the fan's DC frequency conversion motor consumes as little as 1.92 watts in non-oscillation direct blowing mode. Xiaomi estimates the summer electricity cost to be approximately 0.83 yuan, enhancing its cost-effectiveness.

The fan seamlessly integrates into Xiaomi's smart home ecosystem, offering remote control and timer switch capabilities via the Mijia App. It also supports Xiaoai Assistant voice control for effortless fan operation. Moreover, the fan incorporates Xiaomi HyperOS Connect for smart linkage with other compatible smart home devices, enabling automated functions based on temperature readings or connected air conditioner settings.

The Mijia Air Circulation Fan features a detachable mesh cover for easy cleaning, a low-voltage power supply for enhanced safety, and a child lock function to ensure security for families with young children.

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