Xiaomi Launches a Dedicated Website for its Electric Vehicle (EV) Business Following the SU7 EV Debut

Xiaomi Unveils New Website for its Electric Vehicle Venture after SU7 EV Launch

Xiaomi Electric Vehicle Website Launches

The official website dedicated to Xiaomi's electric vehicle (EV) division is now up and running, marking a significant milestone for the company's venture into the electric vehicle market. Established in 2021, Xiaomi wholly owns this new arm of its business, with the CEO also heading the EV subsidiary. Following the unveiling of the Xiaomi EV on December 29, 2023, the website swiftly became operational. The spotlight currently shines on the SU7, displayed at various Xiaomi outlets in China.

Post the company's formation, Xiaomi successfully registered the EV website, with the approval process finalized in 2023. The site predominantly zeroes in on the remarkable features of the SU7, a cutting-edge electric vehicle now showcased across select Xiaomi stores in China. Boasting an impressive 800km range and an acceleration from 0 to 100km in a mere 2.78 seconds, the SU7 also incorporates self-driving capabilities and operates via an 800V system.

Presently, the website is accessible solely in Chinese, yet there are plans to potentially extend its reach to encompass other major languages in due course. The sleek layout not only mirrors Xiaomi's distinctive style but also underscores the company's core philosophy. As users navigate through the homepage, they encounter seven functional tabs alongside captivating imagery of the SU7, some of which are previously unreleased. Delving deeper, visitors can access technical specifications of the Xiaomi SU7, illuminating various facets of this flagship EV.

Moreover, the Xiaomi EV website features a 2-minute promotional video that sheds light on the production processes. It also elucidates details regarding the Xiaomi Pilot module for autonomous driving and the cutting-edge Hypercasting line. Additionally, the website expounds on the integrated HyperOS, which runs seamlessly across all screens within the EV. Despite the comprehensive insights provided, certain elements concerning the Xiaomi SU7 remain undisclosed, such as its pricing details. Nevertheless, the anticipated market debut is slated for later this year. As of now, enthusiasts can visit designated Xiaomi stores in China to experience firsthand the marvel that is the SU7.

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