Xiaomi Launches 5W Solar Panel for BW Series Outdoor Camera Globally

Xiaomi Launches 5W Solar Panel for BW Series Outdoor Camera Globally

Xiaomi has introduced a compact solar panel with a 5W capacity on its global platform. The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Solar Panel is equipped with IP66 waterproof protection and is designed to be compatible with the Xiaomi BW300 and BW500 outdoor cameras.

Efficient Solar Energy Conversion

The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Solar Panel is designed for efficient solar energy conversion, ensuring prolonged battery life and providing reliable and continuous power for extended recording sessions. Its USB-C waterproof connector enhances safety and prevents leakages during charging.

Design and Features

Constructed from monocrystalline silicon, the new Xiaomi solar panel includes a 3-meter cable that connects to the outdoor camera via USB-C. The lengthy extension cord simplifies finding an ideal installation spot while maintaining connectivity to the camera. The device operates within a temperature range of -20ºC to 55ºC, and the waterproof connecting cable effectively prevents liquid penetration during use.

Dimensions and Accessories

The solar panel measures 218 x 178 x 16mm and comes with several accessories. These include mounting brackets, a positioning sticker, an expansion screw tether, and screws. The package also contains an instruction manual.

Pricing & Availability

There are no official details yet regarding the launch date and price for the BW300 and BW500 outdoor cameras, as well as the solar panel. It is anticipated that Xiaomi will soon release these optical products. It remains uncertain whether the new Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Solar Panel will be compatible with other Xiaomi devices.

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