Xiaomi Introduces Mijia Smart Range Hood S1 in Crowdfunding

Xiaomi Introduces Mijia Smart Range Hood S1 in Crowdfunding

Xiaomi recently introduced the new Mijia Smart Flat Embedded Side Suction Range Hood S1 in China, which is now available for crowdfunding on Xiaomi Youpin. The standalone product is priced at 1699 yuan ($236), while the 4.8/5.2KW natural gas stove hood set costs 2299 yuan ($319).

Key Specifications of Mijia Smart Flat Embedded Side Suction Range Hood S1:

The range hood features DC frequency conversion, providing a suction power of 25 cubic meters per minute and a strong pressure of 1000Pa. It has a reduced thickness and height of 353mm×293mm compared to its predecessor, making it a space-efficient choice for modern kitchens.

Modern Design and Performance:

Designed to seamlessly fit into cabinets, the range hood saves space and maintains a stylish appearance. It enhances the cooking experience by freeing up counter space and ensuring an unobstructed view while cooking.

Advanced Features and Safety:

Equipped with a powerful motor and larger blades, the range hood effectively eliminates oil smoke during cooking. It offers smart functionalities such as range hood-stove linkage, automatic smoke exhaust, and a smart dry cleaning mode accessible through the Mijia App. The device also supports gesture control for touch-free operation.

Safety and Easy Maintenance:

The Mijia Range Hood S1 prioritizes safety by connecting with Xiaomi's natural gas guard and smoke sensor, creating a secure kitchen environment. For easy cleaning, the range hood features a self-cleaning mode that efficiently tackles oil stains. The large 2L oil cup reduces maintenance frequency.

Installation Flexibility:

With two installation options available, users can opt for a flush mount for a seamless look or a standalone setup for added flexibility, ensuring the range hood adapts perfectly to any kitchen layout.

Xiaomi has also introduced a versatile adjustable fan in China, offering powerful airflow, a dual-use design, and intelligent features.

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