Xiaomi Introduces Mijia 616L French Door Refrigerator in China, Priced at 2399 Yuan ($337)

Xiaomi Introduces Mijia 616L French Door Refrigerator in China, Priced at 2399 Yuan ($337)

Xiaomi has recently introduced the Mijia 616L French door refrigerator in the Chinese market. Priced at 2399 Yuan ($337), this refrigerator offers a combination of advanced technology and user-friendly design to enhance daily living.

What is a French Door Refrigerator?

If you’re unfamiliar with a French door refrigerator, it is a type of refrigerator that features a three-door design known for its unique features and aesthetic appeal. It has gained popularity due to its convenient storage options and organizational capabilities.

Specifications of the Mijia 616L French Door Refrigerator

The Mijia 616L French door refrigerator stands out with its spacious 616-liter capacity, making it suitable for large families or individuals who prefer to store a significant amount of groceries. It offers a well-organized interior with 20 different sections, including a 388-liter refrigeration compartment and a 228-liter freezer.

In terms of design, this refrigerator boasts a practical and stylish look with its sleek and durable Ice Feather White finish. The finish resists oil stains and is easy to clean. It provides ample storage space, including two rows of cola on the door shelf and double-row placement on the refrigerator shelves.

Smart Capabilities and Convenience

The Mijia 616L French door refrigerator shines when it comes to smart capabilities. It features an LED touch control panel, four cooling modes, and compatibility with the Mi Home app and Xiao Ai Assistant for voice control. This allows for easy adjustments and remote control of temperature settings and modes.

This smart refrigerator also emphasizes convenience and aesthetic appeal. It is equipped with top-mounted LED lighting that provides gentle illumination. The 90° opening door makes it easy to access items inside, and the adjustable shelves offer flexible storage options.

Energy Efficiency and Food Preservation

Not only is the Mijia 616L French door refrigerator packed with smart features and convenience, but it is also highly energy-efficient. It has a Level 1 rating, consuming only 0.99 kWh per day. Additionally, it operates quietly at just 36 decibels.

The refrigerator incorporates dual inverter technology, frost-free cooling, a silver ion antibacterial odor removal system, and intelligent automatic defrosting. These features contribute to its ability to preserve food freshness. It has a quick-freezing capacity of 7.5kg in 12 hours and utilizes four temperature sensors for precise cooling control.

Considerations for Purchasing

For those considering purchasing the Mijia 616L French door refrigerator, it’s important to note the packaging dimensions (972x770x1862 mm). This information ensures that the refrigerator can fit through narrow spaces or entrances during delivery and installation.

In conclusion, the Mijia 616L French door refrigerator offers a spacious capacity, smart capabilities, and convenient features. With its sleek design and energy efficiency, it is a reliable choice for those looking to upgrade their refrigeration options.

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