Xiaomi Human Body Sensor with 3-Year Battery Life Launches

Xiaomi Human Body Sensor with 3-Year Battery Life Launches

The Xiaomi Human Body Sensor has been introduced in China through a crowdfunding initiative. This new gadget is the latest addition to Xiaomi's extensive smart home ecosystem, which continues to grow with innovative products.


In the past, third-party human body sensors were compatible with the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem. However, with the launch of Xiaomi's own Human Body Sensor, users can now enjoy a fully integrated experience. This sensor is more compact than most existing models, making it easier to conceal. It operates on a CR2450 battery, which can last up to three years, eliminating the need for wiring.

The device utilizes an ultra-low-power millimeter-wave radar capable of detecting breathing, chest movements, and other subtle motions. It also combines infrared sensors and a deep fusion algorithm for precise static and motion detection. Additionally, the built-in illumination sensor helps manage the device’s lighting. The Xiaomi Human Body Sensor offers both dynamic and static sensing, as well as a 130-degree ultra-wide-angle sensing capability. Its powerful magnets and solid adhesive base make it easy to install anywhere, and users can also adjust the detection angle flexibly.

Pricing & Availability

The Xiaomi Human Body Sensor can be purchased through Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Youpin, with the crowdfunding campaign starting on May 15. The crowdfunding price begins at 119 yuan ($17), while the regular price starts at 149 yuan ($21).

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