Xiaomi Dental Water Flosser: 7x More Cleaning Power

Xiaomi Dental Water Flosser: 7x More Cleaning Power

Xiaomi recently introduced the Mijia F400, a novel portable dental water flosser that incorporates the innovative Cloud Sensation Umbrella Jet Water Flossing Technology to enhance the comfort and effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Innovative Technology Enhancements

The Mijia F400 is equipped with a precise central water column aimed at cleaning teeth gaps, complemented by a circular water curtain that targets the gum triangle area, significantly expanding the cleaning coverage by 7 times. Xiaomi asserts that this technology delivers a flossing experience akin to a cloud, featuring a 40% increase in softness.

Impressive Features and Functionality

This water flosser operates at 1700 pulses per minute, effectively eliminating 99% of dental plaque while reducing gum irritation. It offers four distinct flossing modes: Gentle, Standard, Strong, and Massage, catering to diverse user preferences. The Gentle mode suits novices, the Standard mode is ideal for daily use, the Strong mode tackles stubborn residues, and the Massage mode is gentle on sensitive gums.

Versatile Design and Long-lasting Performance

The F400 is accompanied by three nozzles: Cloud Sensation multi-effect, Standard, and Orthodontic, each serving specific cleaning needs. Noteworthy is its extended battery life, with Xiaomi affirming that a single charge can sustain the device for up to 100 days. The sizeable 200ml water tank is deemed adequate for a complete cleaning session.

The water flosser is compact, lightweight, and user-friendly, featuring nozzle storage on the device and a convenient switch key for seamless start and stop functionality. Additionally, it integrates a gravity ball that facilitates water absorption from multiple angles, enabling effortless water ejection and supporting flossing from various perspectives.

Pricing Details and Availablity

The Xiaomi Mijia F400 is presented in three attractive color options: Cloud Sensation White, Mint Green, and Coral Pink. Presently, it is available for pre-order in China at a price of 239 yuan (approximately $33). Alongside this release, Xiaomi has also unveiled a new portable electric shaver.

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