Xiaomi 14T and 14T Pro Details Revealed in HyperOS Code

Xiaomi 14T and 14T Pro Details Revealed in HyperOS Code

Xiaomi has recently begun developing their 14T series smartphone lineup. This collection could consist of two phones; an entry level model known as 14T and more advanced Pro models known as 14T Pro.

Xiaomi HyperOS Code. Insights from Xiaomi

Recent discoveries within Xiaomi's HyperOS code, reported by Android Headlines, have provided valuable details of forthcoming devices from Xiaomi. According to these discoveries, it appears that the Xiaomi 14T Pro could be an enhanced iteration of Redmi K70 Ultra.

Unique Features of Xiaomi 14T Pro

Both devices bear similar code names ("rothko") and model numbers ("N12", suggesting similarities. According to reports, however, Xiaomi 14T Pro may boast certain upgrades over its counterpart in Redmi K70 Ultra; expected improvements include wireless charging capabilities as well as an advanced camera equipped with Leica lenses; these may both be absent on Redmi K70 Ultra.

Technical Specifications and Global Availability

Xiaomi 14T Pro will likely feature the Dimensity 9300 processor and be made available globally under model numbers "2407FPN8EG" and "2407FPN8ER," though its release in India remains uncertain according to reports.

Internally known as the "degas," Xiaomi 14T standard edition will also see global release under model numbers "2406APNFAG" and "XIG06." However, unlike its Pro counterpart it might not make its debut appearance on Indian shores.

Processor and Product Information and Differentiation

No details regarding its processor have yet been made known; however, speculations suggest it will feature the Dimensity 8200 Ultra from its predecessor model, Xiaomi 13T. Xiaomi T series normally differentiates between standard and Pro models by processor capacity - something both 13T Pro units shared similar camera systems and battery capacities; something expected to continue with 14T series devices.

Global Launch and Market Availability

Since Redmi K70 Ultra will likely make its global debut in China during August, its global release likely coincides with that date in September.

Xiaomi 14T and 14T Pro Details Revealed in HyperOS Code
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