Xiaomi 14 Series First to Receive HyperOS 2 Update

Xiaomi 14 Series First to Receive HyperOS 2 Update

A leaked screenshot reveals Xiaomi 14 running on HyperOS 2.0.240703. Xiaomi initially introduced this device with HyperOS last year, and it is now undergoing tests with the HyperOS 2 operating system, suggesting an imminent release.

Internal Testing in August

HyperOS 2 is anticipated to be another successful custom skin from Xiaomi, built on Android. Since its debut, HyperOS has garnered considerable interest among Android users. According to industry insiders, HyperOS 2.0 will bring significant enhancements over its predecessor, addressing notable issues and introducing a range of exciting new features.

The Xiaomi 14 series, Xiaomi's latest flagship, is expected to be the first to receive the HyperOS 2 update. Reports indicate that internal testing will commence in August.

Upcoming Releases

The Xiaomi 15 series, slated for a late October release, will come pre-installed with HyperOS 2. The global version of HyperOS 2 is anticipated to launch in late December or early next year. Besides the Xiaomi 14 series, the Redmi K80 series, and Poco F6 series are also among the first devices to receive this update.

Although Xiaomi has yet to disclose specific improvements, the update is likely to enhance system functions, smoothen operations, and improve the overall user experience. Expectations are high for better system animations and the inclusion of some AI features.

For those unfamiliar with Xiaomi’s HyperOS, it has a notably lighter footprint, occupying only 9.14 GB compared to the 12.53 GB required by a recent MIUI version. HyperOS also provides a simpler user interface, emphasizing a minimalist experience with its custom skin.

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