Xbox Goes Web-First: Mobile Game Store Launch in July

Xbox Goes Web-First: Mobile Game Store Launch in July

Microsoft plans to launch a web-based Xbox mobile game store in July to circumvent app store restrictions. Initially prioritizing Microsoft's mobile games such as Candy Crush and Minecraft, the store will later incorporate partner games.

Advantages of the Xbox Mobile Game Store

Using this platform, players can seamlessly access their complete library, progress, and rewards across different devices. Sarah Bond, Xbox president, highlights the store's role in offering a unified gaming experience.

Microsoft's proactive approach with a web-based store reflects their readiness to adapt in the face of evolving app store regulations. This move could potentially lead to a more conventional app store model, as hinted by Bond's mention of expanding beyond the web.

Challenges and Potential

While the web-only format poses challenges for Microsoft, it remains uncertain how the platform will compete with existing mobile game offerings. Nonetheless, this launch signifies a significant advancement in Microsoft's mobile gaming aspirations, setting the stage for a potential transition to a more traditional app store in the future.

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