Upcoming Google Pixel Watch 3 to Be Released in Two Varying Sizes

Upcoming Google Pixel Watch 3 to Be Released in Two Varying Sizes

The Google Pixel Watch 3 is set to address a common complaint about its predecessor – its small size. While the Pixel Watch 2 is only available in a 41mm size, competitors like Samsung offer larger options, with sizes going up to 47mm. However, Google is expected to offer two sizes for the Pixel Watch 3, providing a solution for those who prefer a bigger smartwatch.

Bigger Size and Improved Features

While the exact case sizes of the Pixel Watch 3 are yet to be confirmed, the larger option is expected to be bigger than the 41mm size of the Pixel Watch 2. This increase in size could allow for a larger display, potentially a 1.3-inch screen, and a bigger battery, resulting in improved battery life. Additionally, the larger casing could accommodate more health sensors, enhancing the watch's capabilities.

Sleeker Design and Compatibility

The larger version of the Pixel Watch 3 is expected to use 22mm bands, which are wider than the 20mm bands used in the current model. This change in band size could contribute to a sleeker look for the watch. Furthermore, reducing the bezel around the screen would further enhance the overall aesthetic of the device.

Ideal for Bigger Wrists and Longer Battery Life

The introduction of a larger Pixel Watch would be beneficial for individuals with bigger wrists and those who value a longer-lasting battery. While the Pixel Watch 2 already boasts a 24-hour battery life with its always-on display feature, a bigger model would likely offer an even better battery performance, catering to the needs of users who require extended usage without frequent recharging.

Release Date and Technology

The Pixel Watch 3 is expected to launch in early October, aligning with Google's pattern of releasing new devices alongside their Pixel smartphone series. In terms of technology, the Pixel Watch 3 is likely to utilize the same Snapdragon W5 chipset as its predecessor, as there have been no reports of a new chipset specifically designed for Wear OS.

In conclusion, the upcoming Google Pixel Watch 3 aims to address the size limitation of its predecessor by offering two sizes. The larger version is expected to provide a bigger display, improved battery life, and more health sensors. With a sleeker design and compatibility with wider bands, the Pixel Watch 3 will be suitable for individuals with bigger wrists. The release date is anticipated to be in early October, coinciding with the launch of the new Pixel 9 series.

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