Unreleased White OPPO Find X7 Color Leaked Hands-on Images

Unreleased White OPPO Find X7 Color Leaked Hands-on Images

OPPO Find X7 made its debut alongside the OPPO Find X7 Ultra on January 12th, showcasing a range of colors including purple, brown, blue, and black. However, in addition to these options, OPPO is set to unveil a white edition as well. The transition to the white variant comes as OPPO ceases the production of the purple Find X7.

New Color Option: White Edition

The OPPO Find X7, known for its stylish design and top-notch camera sensors, stands as a flagship device in the smartphone market. Despite its sleek appearance, the Find X7 boasts a thickness of 8.7mm, houses a robust 5000 mAh battery, supports rapid 100W charging, and will soon introduce a fifth color choice alongside its existing array of colors. Notably, the Find X7 offers users the option of selecting between a leather or glass back cover.

Confirmation of White Variant

An inquiry on Weibo directed at Zhou Yibao, the individual overseeing the OPPO Find series, revealed that the white version of the Find X7 is indeed on the horizon. Earlier speculations regarding the introduction of a white Find X7 have been substantiated by this confirmation from Zhou Yibao. Furthermore, reports indicate that the production of the purple Find X7 will be discontinued in favor of the white variant.

Shifting Colors

While the discontinuation of the Purple Find X7 may disappoint some users, the decision to introduce a White version appears strategic, especially if the Purple variant was not resonating well with consumers. This move suggests that purple OPPO phones may become less prevalent in the market moving forward.

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