TP-Link BE7200 Router Launch: Wi-Fi 7, 2.5G Ports, Game Boosters

TP-Link BE7200 Router Launch: Wi-Fi 7, 2.5G Ports, Game Boosters

TP-Link has introduced its newest router, the BE7200, which supports the latest Wi-Fi 7 standard. This means users can expect incredibly fast theoretical speeds, a marked improvement over older models. The BE7200 also excels in wired connectivity, featuring five 2.5G network ports that handle high-bandwidth devices like NAS drives, AR/VR consoles, and 8K video streaming. These ports can be aggregated for a total speed of up to 5Gbps.

Advanced Technology Integration

To boost performance, TP-Link has incorporated MLO multi-link technology and 4K QAM high-order modulation into the BE7200. This results in an increase in data transmission density and peak rates. Moreover, the router is designed for stability with MRU and Preamble puncture technology, offering more flexible scheduling and up to six times better anti-interference capabilities.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Gamers will find the built-in game accelerators particularly useful. The BE7200 offers free trials for services like Leishen, Youbangbang, Qiyou, and NetEase UU, which are designed to reduce lag and enhance overall network performance, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

Easy Mesh Network Setup

Creating a mesh network system for broader Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home is straightforward with the BE7200. The “Easy Extension” feature allows for easy connection of multiple BE7200 routers with just one click. The TP-Link BE7200 router is available for purchase, starting at 599 yuan (approximately $90 USD).

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