Reportedly, the OnePlus 12 from China is said to have region restrictions

Reportedly, the OnePlus 12 from China is said to have region restrictions

OnePlus Implements Region Lock on Chinese OnePlus 12 Series

OnePlus has recently implemented a region lock on its Chinese-market OnePlus 12 series. This move comes shortly after the global launch of the phone earlier this month. The region lock appears to have been enforced on Chinese OnePlus 12 units once the global version became available.

Issues with Calling Functionality

Users are encountering similar issues to those experienced with the OnePlus 11 last year, which restrict the phone’s calling functionality. Previously, OnePlus phones sold in China were typically unlocked and compatible with global networks. However, starting with the OnePlus 11, the company introduced the region lock. It seems that the same problem is now occurring with the OnePlus 12, although the reason for this change remains unclear.

Problems for International Users

The region lock poses problems for individuals outside of China who wish to purchase the more affordable Chinese models. These users may find themselves with phones that cannot be used for calls when they travel to other countries. While this move may be intended to discourage the purchase of cheaper Chinese models in other regions, it creates complications for those who rely on their phones internationally.

Unlocking the Region

Users may have the option to unlock the region by entering an unlock code, similar to the process last year. The unlock code can be obtained by contacting OnePlus support. However, it is uncertain whether support will be willing to unlock phones that were not purchased through official Chinese channels but from third-party stores. This aspect has not been confirmed yet.

Considerations for OnePlus Users

OnePlus users who are considering purchasing a Chinese model should be aware of this limitation before making a decision, especially if they plan on traveling outside of China. It is important to weigh the potential benefits of a more affordable Chinese model against the potential inconvenience of limited calling functionality in other regions.

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