Tencent's Q3 2023 Financial Results: Record Revenue of $21.6 Billion and 39% Increase in Net Profit

Tencent’s Q3 2023 Financial Results: Record Revenue of $21.6 Billion and 39% Increase in Net Profit

Tencent’s Impressive Q3 Financial Report

Tencent Holdings, the Chinese technology giant, has released its third-quarter financial results, showcasing strong growth and resilience in the ever-changing tech industry. The company reported a total revenue of 154.6 billion yuan ($21.6 billion), slightly below the forecasted 154.8 billion yuan but still a solid 10% increase from the previous year.

Impressive Net Profit

One of the standout performances in Tencent’s financial report is its impressive net profit, which exceeded expectations. The net profit reached 36.18 billion yuan ($5.05 billion), marking an impressive 39% year-on-year increase. This demonstrates Tencent’s financial prowess and efficient operational management. Additionally, the non-IFRS net profit of 44.92 billion yuan ($6.29 billion) solidifies Tencent’s position as a formidable financial powerhouse.

Strong Gaming Revenue

Tencent’s success is significantly driven by its international gaming revenue, which grew by 14% to reach 13.3 billion yuan ($1.86 billion). This growth highlights Tencent’s global expansion and its ability to connect with diverse gaming communities worldwide. In its domestic market, Tencent’s gaming revenue also saw a 5% growth, reaching 32.7 billion yuan ($4.57 billion), demonstrating its strong presence in China.

Social Software Division Growth

Tencent’s social software division remains strong, with 1.336 billion monthly active user accounts on its flagship platforms, WeChat and Weixin, showing steady growth. This growth is attributed to Tencent’s efforts to boost user engagement, notably with a 50% increase in total playtime on the Weixin Video Account, driven by a growing creator community. However, there are challenges, including a decline in monthly active users for QQ.

Record Advertising Revenue

Tencent achieved a record high in advertising revenue as well, experiencing a remarkable 20% year-on-year increase, reaching 25.7 billion yuan ($3.60 billion). This indicates the company’s success in monetizing its user base and attracting advertisers.


With its strong financial report, Tencent is poised for further growth and success. The company’s performance in gaming, social software, and advertising showcases its ability to navigate the ever-changing tech landscape. As a major player in the global tech industry, Tencent’s continued innovation and strategic investments contribute to its significant presence in the market.

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