TECNO & NTU Singapore Collaborate on Southeast Asian Aesthetic Study

TECNO & NTU Singapore Collaborate on Southeast Asian Aesthetic Study

TECNO, a leading technology and smartphone brand, has announced a collaboration with the Asian Communication Research Centre (ACRC) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore. This partnership will explore skin tone and smartphone portrait imaging preferences among Southeast Asian consumers.

Enhancing Universal Tone Technology

The goal of this collaboration is to improve TECNO’s Universal Tone technology through scientific research. Surveys conducted in Indonesia and the Philippines will help set cultural benchmarks and determine how skin tones are represented in Southeast Asian images.

Research Leadership

The research will be spearheaded by Professor Jack Qiu from NTU’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. He will be joined by contributions from Professor May O. Lwin, Associate Professor Elison Lim, and Associate Professor Lewis Lim from NTU’s Nanyang Business School. Professor Qiu highlighted the necessity of understanding the varied aesthetic preferences in Southeast Asia.

TECNO’s Commitment to Diversity

TECNO has expressed its dedication to meeting the needs of consumers in different regions. The company aims to ensure its smartphone portrait technology authentically reflects true diversity. This collaboration with NTU builds on a successful partnership with the University of Leeds, where TECNO developed its Universal Tone technology for inclusive multi-skin tone imaging.

Incorporation in TECNO Products

Now featured in the TECNO CAMON 30 Series, this technology accurately represents diverse skin tones and cultural aesthetics. TECNO’s General Manager, Jack Guo, underscored the significance of adapting technology to satisfy the aesthetic requirements of various cultures. He views this collaboration as a step toward establishing diverse and inclusive beauty standards in the global tech industry.

The evolution of Universal Tone technology in Southeast Asia signifies TECNO’s commitment to embracing cultural uniqueness and advancing global technology.

TECNO & NTU Singapore Collaborate on Southeast Asian Aesthetic Study
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