TCL Q9K Mini LED TV Launched in China from 4,199 yuan

TCL Q9K Mini LED TV Launched in China from 4,199 yuan

The TCL Q9K mini LED TV has made its debut in the Chinese market as a new smart TV model, representing an upgrade from the 2023 TCL Q10G Pro TV. This latest version boasts significant enhancements across six key dimensions: brightness, partitioning, halo control technology, color reproduction, audio quality, and overall design.

Enhanced Features

The TCL Q9K stands out as a highly compelling Mini LED TV option for consumers this year, offering a host of remarkable features that set it apart in the industry. Available in sizes ranging from 55 inches to 98 inches, this TV series incorporates varying numbers of partitions for different models. For instance, the 55-inch variant includes 720 partitions, while the 65-inch version boasts 1,008 partitions. Furthermore, the 75-inch model features 1,248 partitions, and the 85-inch and 98-inch panels are equipped with 1,536 partitions. These enhanced partition numbers contribute to superior light control performance and improved contrast levels. Notably, the TV achieves a peak brightness of 2,400 nits and a dynamic contrast ratio of 24 million:1.

Advanced Technologies and Specifications

The TCL Q9K TV integrates advanced technologies such as TCL's global halo control technology, a six-crystal square core, optical image lens, and transient response mechanisms that optimize light management. It employs Quantum Dot Pro 2024 technology, offering a 98% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. The TV also boasts exceptional color purity across the entire screen (95%) and high color accuracy with a Delta E value below 0.99. Additionally, the TV's light source is designed to last 100,000 hours without any degradation.

The audio capabilities of the Q9K TV are equally impressive, featuring a built-in 90W 7-unit 2.1.2-channel Hi-Fi audio system, complemented by a 20W subwoofer and two independent sky channels. This setup delivers an immersive stereo surround sound experience. The TV is powered by the Lingyao M2 host chip and a TSR independent Mini LED image quality enhancement chip, boasting 4GB of memory and 128GB of internal storage. It supports Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and includes four HDMI 2.1 ports for enhanced connectivity options.

Pricing and Availability

For those interested in the TCL Q9K series, pricing starts at 4,199 yuan ($584) for the 55-inch model (original price 4,499 yuan), while the 65-inch variant is available at a launch price of 5,499 yuan ($765) (initially priced at 5,999 yuan). The 75-inch version can be purchased for 6,999 yuan ($973), the 85-inch model for 8,999 yuan ($1,251), and the largest 98-inch model is priced at 17,999 yuan ($2,502). Consumers can find the TCL Q9K available for purchase through online retail platforms like

TCL Q9K Mini LED TV Launched in China from 4,199 yuan
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