Tata Ace EV 1000 Electric Cargo Vehicle Launched in India: 161km Range

Tata Ace EV 1000 Electric Cargo Vehicle Launched in India: 161km Range

Tata Motors has introduced the Ace EV 1000, an electric cargo vehicle designed for efficient intra-city deliveries, boasting a range of 161 km on a single charge. This vehicle offers a substantial payload capacity, making it a viable option for various industries.

Key Features

Tata Motors, a prominent player in the Indian automotive sector with a global presence, has strategically positioned the Ace EV 1000 to cater to a wide market segment. This electric cargo vehicle presents a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional gasoline or diesel-powered trucks used for logistics. With a 27kW electric motor and a 1-tonne payload capacity, the Ace EV 1000 has been tailored to meet the requirements of FMCG, beverages, LPG, dairy, and paints/lubricants industries.

The vehicle comes equipped with advanced features such as Fleet Edge, telematics, and battery management systems, developed by the Tata Group. Initially available exclusively through Tata's commercial vehicle dealerships across India, the Ace EV 1000 will benefit from the support of up to 150 Tata electric vehicle service centers nationwide. Tata emphasizes that the development of this model was customer-centric, with existing customers endorsing this new mobility solution and paving the way for enhanced operational efficiency across various sectors.

Specifications and Pricing

The Tata Ace EV 1000 is powered by the Evogen powertrain and includes a five-year comprehensive maintenance package, a seven-year battery warranty, and a 5-year comprehensive battery cooling system. With regenerative braking and a peak torque of 130Nm, this electric vehicle is designed to offer swift charging capabilities and enhanced performance, even on inclines with a full load.

In terms of pricing, the Ace EV 1000 enters a competitive landscape within the electric cargo vehicle market, particularly with three-wheelers. Unlike its three-wheeled counterparts, the Ace EV 1000 stands out in the four-wheeled segment. With a price tag of approximately Rs. 9.22 Lakhs ($11,035) (ex-showroom), Tata's e-cargo vehicle aims to offer a compelling value proposition to potential customers.

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