Sony's recent patent intends to enhance game loading speeds and allow gameplay during downloads

Sony’s recent patent intends to enhance game loading speeds and allow gameplay during downloads

Sony’s Groundbreaking Patent: Revolutionizing Game Access and Reducing Wait Times

Sony has recently filed a patent that could potentially transform the gaming industry by allowing players to start playing a game even before it has finished downloading. The patent, which was filed in August 2023 and made public last week, introduces a technology that optimizes the startup speed of games.

A New Approach to Game Access

Traditionally, gamers have had to wait patiently for the entire game to download before they can begin playing. However, Sony’s innovative method proposes a significant change to this process. The technology involves a comparison between the time it takes for a player to complete a specific part of a game and the overall time required to download the entire game. If the game’s download time is longer, Sony’s technology prioritizes the installation of that specific game part first. This allows players to start experiencing portions of the game while the rest continues to download.

Utilizing Application Chunks for Faster Startup

The patent describes a method to speed up application startup times by utilizing what Sony refers to as “application chunks.” These chunks are essentially discrete parts of the game, and the system associates them with game time information. This information estimates how long it takes a user to reach a certain point or milestone within the game.

To optimize the download process, the system predicts the download time for these chunks based on the chunk information and the user’s network data. It then compares this predicted download time with the previously recorded time it takes to play through these chunks. If the download time is shorter than the gameplay time, the system proceeds to install that particular chunk of the game first.

Future Implications and Advancements

It remains uncertain when or if Sony will implement this groundbreaking technology in its products. However, if the company does, it could have a significant impact on the way we play video games. Players would be able to dive into their favorite games more quickly than ever before, eliminating the frustration of long download times.

In addition to this patent, Sony is actively developing technology to enhance mobile gaming controls, with a focus on precision and smoother gameplay. The company is also exploring lifelike non-playable character (NPC) reactions to improve gaming immersion.

These patents demonstrate Sony’s commitment to minimizing loading times in gaming. With the company’s emphasis on cloud gaming, we can expect to see even more advancements in this area in the coming years.

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