Sony Soundbar Lineup Refresh: Big Sound, Small Footprint

Sony Soundbar Lineup Refresh: Big Sound, Small Footprint

Sony recently unveiled an all-new lineup of soundbars and TVs with innovative capabilities and revamped naming convention. We take a deeper dive into what Sony offers us here.

Sony Introduces Its Flagship Soundbar: Bravia Theater Bar 9

Sony's Bravia Theater Bar 9 stands out as their top-tier soundbar, boasting significant reduction in size while housing 13 speakers for enhanced audio experiences like Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, IMAX Enhanced audio and virtual surround sound. Priced at just $1,399 USD - it maintains the same price point of its predecessor!

Compact Solution: Bravia Theater Bar 8

A more compact option, the Bravia Theater Bar 8 features 11 speakers for an engaging audio experience. Packed with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and IMAX Enhanced support - as well as Dolby Digital Surround Sound support - it strikes a balance between size and power; pricing details remain undisclosed.

Bravia Theater Quad Provides the Ultimate Home Cinema Setup

Sony unveiled the Bravia Theater Quad as their ultimate home cinema solution, replacing the HT-A9. Comprising four wireless speakers equipped with upward-firing drivers totalling 16 speakers, this system supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, VRR and ALLM compatibility via its wireless control box and connecting through wireless networking technology. Though it doesn't include its own subwoofer (unlike its predecessor HT-A9) an expected price tag surpassing this figure may also apply;

Personal Audio Experience with Bravia Theater U Neckband Speakers

Bravia Theater U neckband speakers provide comfortable solutions for private listening needs. Boasting 12-hour battery life with rapid charging capabilities and two simultaneous device support - dolby Atmos compatibility allows them to deliver 360deg spatial sound support; priced at $299.99 USD they weigh an incredibly lightweight 268 grams!

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