Snapchat Update: Users Can Now Transform Pets into AI Avatars

Snapchat Update: Users Can Now Transform Pets into AI Avatars

Snapchat has enhanced its features with the introduction of AI-powered pet Bitmojis, adding a touch of charm to the platform. This special feature, exclusive to premium users, allows individuals to transform their beloved pets into adorable cartoon avatars that accompany them on the Snap Map.

AI-Powered Pet Bitmojis

Users can easily create these pet avatars by snapping a picture of their furry friends, after which the AI generates several cartoon versions for selection. While the customization options may not be as extensive as those for human Bitmojis, the AI effectively captures the essence of the pet, creating a virtual twin on the Snap Map.

Subscription Benefits

Since its debut in 2022, the subscription service has provided premium users with access to AI-driven features like the MyAI assistant, innovative camera filters through Dreams, and AI-generated snaps. Various companies are now offering AI assistants through subscriptions, with Snapchat's subscription model proving successful due to the attractive products it offers.

Updates for All Users

Those who are not Snapchat+ subscribers need not worry, as the app is introducing updates for everyone. A new template feature is set to streamline clip editing, while new swipe gestures aim to simplify the process of sending and editing snaps. Moreover, users can now upload longer videos within the app, with in-app captures extending up to three minutes and uploads supporting videos of up to five minutes, providing users with enhanced creative freedom for crafting Snapchat Stories.

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